Pro+ to Vintage McIntosh


Sep 20, 2023
Just getting back into audio and am learning about streaming. Since my CD player is connected to AUX input can the Wiim Pro+ just be connected to any other high level input, like Tape 1? My CD player is a 1980’s California Audio Aires SS/tube hybrid and it only has one set of RCA output for L/R. Anyway to connect the CD player so that it runs the Wimm DAC when playing CD’s (I would assume the Wiim DAC would be better than what’s in the CD player. Thanks for your help!
As an older hi-fi enthusiast, I remember reading about California Labs gear back in the day. I would imagine that CL CD player has it's own distinctive sound signature compared to newer stuff. But if it has no digital output, I can't see using the WPP as a part of that long chain of converters: DAC>Analog out>ADC>DAC>re-Analog out. Even if the DAC in the WPP is better than the one in CL, that's a lot of converting to get to the final output. I personally think you would be better off just using the original RCA analog output of CL to a pre-amp or maybe getting a more modern disc spinner with an optical digital output for the WPP or bypass the WPP completely into an even better external DAC. A lot of possibilities, maybe, but I don't think all of that digital bouncing around is the answer, IMHO. Good luck and happy listening.
Thank you Brown Sound, makes perfect sense and kind of figured it would be a stretch. The CL is a good match for my K-Horns due to the tubes, so I think I’ll just leave well enough alone. But, the WiiM will just connect to any high level input on my McIntosh preamp - correct?
Yes sir. A tape, a tuner, or an aux input, pretty much anything but a phono input. Then you will be rockin' or chillin' to thousands of radio streams and streaming services, like Tidal and Qobuz, plus your personal tracks from your own collection on network storage. Have fun!
Many older components were far more sensitive to input voltages than their modern counterparts. If you find you have limited control with the volume, drop the line on the pro plus to 1v.