Restart router


Dec 29, 2022
Every time I wanna use it, it tells me that it can't connect. Eventually the app tells me to restart my router and then it connects. I only have the one wifi network, mini is on 5ghz only mode, etc. During my initial setup, when I was updating the mini, my router cycled off for some reason, so it screwed that up, but then updated by itself after a few attempts, so maybe that has something to do with it? Any help is appreciated. I'm about ready to return it.
the achilles heel of the Wiim products is the initial setup. Try to remain patient with the setup process because once you get it working it'll work very well without issues.
I got it set up, and it works fine. Every time I leave and come back to it, it goes thorough the same process where the app can't connect to the mini, despite being online with the same 5ghz connection as my phone, then I have to restart the mini, and then the router. The whole process takes about five minutes. Every. Single. Time.
OK, seems like there was something wrong with the modem. Working now. None of the other devices on my network had any issues, but whatever was wrong, the mini was sensitive to it and just wouldn't work for me. Here's hoping this issue doesn't come up again. If it does I guess I'll get a new modem or something
So I went back today and the mini is back to the previous behavior. There is definitely no issue with the modem or router that I can diagnose. There don't seem to be additional settings for either. I'll return it and swap it out. Maybe I have a faulty unit
I am having a similar issue with one of my minis that spontaneously goes off line while the status light remains solid white. Reboots don’t help but forgetting device and repeating set up does. Still keeps on happening. Waiting for WiiM reply to ticket
My solution wound up being to switch the wifi on my phone off and on again AFTER launching the WiiM app. Still irritating, but far less than rebooting the router or reseting the unit
One of my Wiim mini's was struggling to connect and the solution was for me to restart my phone. My first inclination was the router or the wiim itself so I restarted both and did a factory reset on the Wiim but neither of those things helped. I think the app itself is the weak link in getting connected.
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