Samplings Frequency

Hello everyone and another doubt that I would like you to clarify.
If I listen to music for example from Qobuz while the song is being played the sampling frequency is shown (photo attached).
I think this is the frequency set by Qobuz for that song.
But am I sure that my WIIM PRO reproduces that frequency that I read?
Or could it reproduce a lower or higher frequency?
Thank you.7F15389E-8C31-494A-B2E6-0F851DE222F7.jpeg
Assuming you're using digital,out, depends on your settings in the wiim home app.
Device, settings, audio settings, spdif streaming quality.
I should add, the wiim won't upsample to that setting, it's the max allowed out so it will downsample if required..
Qobuz is not rca in, and if you're using the analog rca line out then you're using the dac in the wiim, so... sorry, but your question makes no sense!

What do you mean by 'reproduces that frequency that I read''?
Maybe we need to understand your concern better.
I want to understand if the frequency data that I read on the Qobuz song are the same ones at which the WIIN PRO reproduces.
Maybe it's the word 'reproduces' that's the issue here?
If you were using an external dac then the settings options I mentioned would be what was being 'reproduced' out of the wiim's digital outputs.
If you're using the rca analog outs, and therefore the wiim dac, then 'reproduces' it not really the right word.
The wiim dac will convert the qobuz stream, whatever the song's frequency, into analog.
okay fine. And in analogue will it have the same resolution that Qobuz informs me about the piece?
Whatever resolution the app displays per song is what is being fed into the wiim's dac.
The analog output doesn't have a resolution - it's analog...
I suppose one *could* say that a higher frequency in equates to a *better* analog output signal.
To asuage what I think is your concern / question, then yes, the wiim is properly reproducing (using) data at the frequency shown in the app.
okay fine. And in analogue will it have the same resolution that Qobuz informs me about the piece?
Are you happy on what you’re hearing since you’re asking? In theory these high resolution should blow the socks of your feet but the reality they were underwhelming.
I'm listening to Quboz and Amazon Music.
My ears hear better than my previous solution which involved IPhone connected with LIGHTINING - RCA cable to my amplifier.
I hope it's not just suggestion.
From an earlier thread, I recall you are using the WiiM Pro RCA analogue outputs feeding into your Audiolab 8300a RCA analogue inputs as your amp doesn’t have any digital inputs.

As you are using the WiiM app to play Qobuz, the maximum digital resolution your WiiM receives over the internet from Qobuz is dictated by the “listening quality” you set in the WiiM app under Browse/ Qobuz/ three bar hamburger menu/ streaming.

In your screenshot, the WiiM is receiving a 24/96 digital stream which, as we discussed, is then being fed into the WiiM’s DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) to be converted into an analogue stream which is then fed out via the analogue RCA outputs and thence into your amp. Once it’s converted to analogue, it doesn’t make sense to talk of resolution, but you could infer that the higher the digital input resolution, the “better” the analogue signal will be.
I checked in the Qobuz setting.
The maximum resolution is set to HI RES 24 - 192. therefore from analog RCA output I should have good quality.
in practice if I had an amplifier with digital inputs I could get even more in terms of quality. It's correct?
Just enjoy music don’t pay too much attention on high res as this music were just upsampled from recording studio from their native resolution. Think a 1080 upscale to 4K it’s not clear as native.
Well, if you had an amp with digital inputs then you be using the amp's dac if you used the wiim digital out.
It would get the same data as the wiim dac - whether that is better is up to your ears.

Edit - whether the analog signal produced by the amp dac, and the resulting music, sounds better than the wiim analog out is up to your ears.
Thank you. Somehow you have clarified my doubts. Excuse me for my absolute lack of expertise on the Liquid Music.
I will often frequent the forum in search of clarifications and solutions.
Thank you all for your courtesy and promptness in responding.