Scroll and scroll some more


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Feb 1, 2023
Generally speaking so far so good, except one thing. The WiiM Pro plugged into cat 5 or 6 and the back end is a Win 11 box with Plex running as a server. The music is on a dedicated 2TB hard drive containing ~4,7000 CDs burned to flac.

When asked to select a source I select Plex Media Server: my-music etc and choose 'Albums'. Once the app is connected to Plex I am presented with 9 albums, and I scroll 4-5 times and get a notification at the bottom that reads "Release to refresh" then quickly "Loading..." then about 3 seconds and I can scroll some more. I have no idea how many times I would have to scroll to view all albums? It does not help that the albums are presented as "Artists - Album Title" and sorted by Album Title A-Z. that makes Z way down there after many scroll wait scroll... Someday I'll get to Frank Zappa.

I have poked around hoping something in setting would help, no go. Any advice would be helpful.

PS the back button doesn't work most of the time.
This is the DLNA implementation on Plex which isn't very good - they want you to use the Plex app.
You could try a different Music server on your PC pointed at the same files which should work better with WiiM.
I found an almost answer this morning, I installed mediamonkey on the server and the interface to the to my phone is greatly improved. If you choose one of the possibilities, artist, or album is best for me, the next screen is a list of the alphabet. Choose 'B' and you get all artist for B. Now pick 'Beatles' and you get a list of Beatles CDs on the server.

Thanks for your reply.