Sound cuts out when playing amazon hd music from amazon app thru mini. Amazon plays in bit perfect in wiim app


Dec 8, 2022
I just hooked up the mini and when i play music from the amazon hd app it shows to cast it to the mini and says it is playing thru the mini but the sound cuts out. My dac shows bit perfect but it just wont play. Amazon hd music plays fine when playing from the wiim app and shows bit perfect. Any ideas on why. I have fast internet and it streams in ultra hd fine thru the wiim app but not thru the amazon app which i prefer.
There have been several updates to the Amazon Music app of late and it’s not outside the bounds of possibility that Amazon have messed things up. Equally, a recent WiiM firmware upgrade alluded to fixes of the type you describe.
As in all issues with the WiiM units, the best way to get a resolution is by submitting a ticket thru feedback in the WiiM app - that way they can inspect your log file and potentially identify the root cause.