Major Contributor
Jan 19, 2023
United States
My thoughts on the WiiM Pro
  1. More stability: On at least five occasion since setting up the WiiM Pro, after a day or two with no issues, suddenly device not found on day three Why? What’s going on?
  2. More stable recovery: The process to get back up and running has not been consistent. Holding the arrow for three seconds does not always work. It takes several attempts between initiating the setup process and factory reset before the app sees the device. Very frustrating having to input your info and presets when this occurs. Why?
  3. Internet connection: On several attempts to recover, the Ethernet option is not available and I’m forced to use WiFi. Why?
  4. Update notification: There have been two updates since my purchase. One app and one firmware. There were no notifications. I knew the update release dates and when I checked both the app and firmware versions had been updated. Coincidentally, I had to initiate the setup process on both occasions. Why?
  5. Now that that’s out of the way.
  6. The WiiM Pro is the solution I was looking for to separate music streaming from my laptop with a high res, desktop steamer to compliment my Topping DAC and headphone amp. When it works, it works well. I understand there’s a lot going on this little $150 box, and that not all the bugs have been worked out. I’ll continue to use the WiiM Pro in my desktop setup, warts and all, because I don’t think there’s an alternative…at this price point…with the functionality of the WiiM Pro. I own a BlueSound Node 2i also. It, too, had its issues. I kept it. I’ll keep the WiiM Pro!