Bitrate from Tidal connect on Mac desktop app


Feb 15, 2024
This may be an oft-asked question but if I'm using Tidal connect on Tidal's desktop app on a Macbook Pro, what bitrate is the audio playing from the Wiim Pro Plus? Tidal says 16/44.1. Is that correct? Sorry if this has been asked a million times - new user. I did have a search and found similar threads but not specific.
Are you sure you’re not using Airplay? And what does the Pro Plus show it’s playing? Have you enabled MQA in the Pro Plus so it does the first unfold of MQA tracks?
Thanks for the reply. It's a good question. Obviously the Wiim home app doesn't integrate Tidal so I'm playing from the Tidal app (Hi-fi tier) using Tidal connect, which show this:

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 14.41.09.png

The Wiim app on my phone is displaying this. Oddly it wasn't mirroring playback from the laptop previously.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 14.44.17.jpg

So I'm guessing the stream is correctly read at 16/44.1 or is the Wiim app defaulting to that descriptor as the Tidal file is classified as such. It's not connected to Airplay.
Not sure if I understand correct.
1. of course is Tidal integrated in the WiiM home app. You have to manage the browser section in WiiM app and activate Tidal.
2. the HiFi tier offers CD quality. That means 16/44. So all seems to be ok.
Talking about the desktop app. As far as I can see no streaming service is integrated into that. Local file play only.
The WiiM app on your phone is called WiiM Home as well. WiiM Home is not the name of the desktop app, so @Fender had to ask what exactly you're talking about :)

I cannot speak for Tidal specifically, but in general the bitrate, bit depth and sampling frequency are displayed as they are. There is no default.

The desktop version of the Home app is really explicitly declared a beta version with quite low priority in development.
Does your MacBook Pro support iOS apps? If so, install the more functional ios version of the WiiM Home app
Actually, the desktop app is called WiiM Home as well. At least the version I downloaded is.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 15.59.13.pngScreenshot 2024-02-23 at 16.03.34.png

I understand that the desktop version is a beta product. However, as I sit my desk quite a lot, it seemed interesting to try it out but as Tidal is not integrated, I reverted to Tidal Connect hence the question. It would be nice to be able to use the WiiM Home Desktop app as the single desktop app streaming local files and various streaming service, but understand it's not a priority given the ability to run IOS apps post M1 chip.


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