Turntable through the Wiim Mini


Nov 16, 2022
I have the WiiM mini running into a miniDSP Nanodigi 2x8 which sends a signal with DRC to a Schiit Modi3 DAC into my amp and speakers. I have run the setup and applied filters for my seating position.

I wanted the DRC to work for my Turntable so I connected my preamp tape out to the WiiM mini aux in and set the preamp record out to phono.

I’m not sure if it’s the DRC in the process but the sound imaging through the WiiM and DAC etc is cleaned up immensely compared to the Turntable straight through my pre/power amps.

Worth a try.
Hi Joffieb, you can also try to use the 10-band graphic EQ or preset EQ when you connect your turntable with the WiiM Mini's Aux. The EQ includes the DRC and other DSP processing and will be applied to your audio from the Aux in. Please let us know your experience compared with your miniDSP.
Thanks for the reply. The miniDsp allows me to set 5 PEQ filters at specific frequencies. As much as I’d love to rather use the ten band EQ on the Mini, it is restricted to preset frequencies. Hopefully your update with PEQ will allow for at least 5 (or hopefully even 10) PEQ filters on the mini.
Hi Joffieb, PEQ is in our roadmap and we'll have the first version next month. You can find more about our roadmap here. Please stay tuned!