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The journey still alive.
Perfect crystalline old future fodder. Video Killed the Radio Star is great but the rest of the album blows it away. Bizarre and unfortunate case of one-hit-wonder-dom preventing an album from attaining the canonical text status it blatantly deserves.

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This Trevor Horn compilation of covers is fun to listen to once or twice. He collaborated with some well-known singers to reimagine a dozen 80's songs. Trevor of the Buggles was prodigious as a producer.

In retirement, he has a garage band - Trevor Horn and the Producers - where he plays with some friends who were also producers
This begins with the longest word of all languages (Maori). 😎. Why?!


On the first look the new rock/pop releases today seemed to be a little disappointing, but studio album no. 12 by Mike McCready and the "boys" shows them still in good condition ;-) Very good!

This record is kind of my problem child from first listening. Yoko was the exciting part, John's piano ballads were boring. Released a few weeks before he was killed. The radio news hit me while I drove in the middle of nowhere between home and Augsburg on the A8.
Never understood later the bad and unfair image Yoko was given. It was a real love story, so who has to judge?

And my last for today.
Joel had no luck with band projects, so he decided to try solo. And maybe that would have even worked because he had plenty of great songs and a label that was willing to invest money, too. It was a technical error that made the album a flop: It was accidentally mastered at the wrong speed, too fast, which especially for Joel's voice wasn't good and made uptempo numbers like Everybody Loves You Now land in the Mickey Mouse compartment. Unbelievable, this was not earlier corrected than in 1983.
Narration is, when Joel himself heard the album for the first time he got so angry that he took the record off the platter and threw it against the wall as a frisbee. But after all this the record came down in history as one of the great singer/songwriter debuts.