What are you listening to?

A wonderful album of you ask me..a great joy to listen too.
If this is your kind of music give it a try..!
This amp amazes me every time again..a delight to listen to music 👌👌😊😮👌
Brings so much joy..
Normally I often watched movies and listened to music with earphones..now I always choose for audio over video and speakers over headphones.Thanks WIIM 👌
I have to say, your continued enthusiasm for your wiim amp is both refreshing and contagious.
Keep it up!
Wow, I'm now questioning my senses and/or mental faculties... is this what plunging into the depths of insanity feels (/sounds) like?
Another win for the qobuz human curators vs the crazy algorithms ruling everyone's lives... 👏 Prob would have never come across this amazing album.