What's your setup/configuration look like?

As my setup consists of a DAC and pro studio monitor on either side of my desk, I listen to music while on my computer, always. The DAC auto-switches inputs from the PC (Chromebox) and the WiiM Pro.

Given that there are lots of small HDMI displays available on Amazon for as little as $25, I thought I’d try one as a secondary screen for my PC, and just drag a WiiM monitor app over to it.
Could you please explain what is the "WiiM monitor app"?
Thank you

Confused. Do you look at it, listen to it, or pilot it? :)
If this system really would be mine I would reserve at least three times one hour a day to adore it! So I'd look at it, listen to it and most likely fly to one or another HiFi heaven 😉😂
Can I ask where you got the rack from? Thanks
Hi @delage it's a couple, few, of these https://www.electromod.co.uk/topping-stand I have them around the house for different systems and this one has multiple tiers. I took the top tier from each of the other 3 and added them onto this one. Be careful if going this high to have a good base and low centre of gravity 😉
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You know you can take the plastic film off your Mini, don’t you? I’m sure there’ll be someone out there who will claim it sounds better without it 🤣🤣
Also, if put on a Nikola Tesla picture, harmonics and sound stage will widely spread..
Nothing to add except that I really enjoy looking at the myriad of set-ups here. So cool! I should contribute too but I am just a procrastinator prince. :oops:
Following a "boomeristic" impulse, I just added this amp, a Nad 3050LE, mainly for Dirac and sub management, D class and depth measure less than 36cm...
I was thinking to keep using WiiM mini, since its software seems better than Bluos.
1000014338.jpgJust right now, Bluos finally added Tidal connect hi-res support, I will check how functional wiil be.