WiiM Home app compatibilty


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Nov 17, 2022

I have multiple Linkplay devices from Audiocast, iEAST, WiiM mini, Edifier and want the WiiM Pro as well when available.
The Linkplay app has been slightly changed for each brand, the WiiM version is the most up to date and best working version, so far so good.

But after recent updates it doesn't recognize older Linkplay modules in eg. Audiocast and iEAST, is this on purpose?

It's very annoying as I can't control and group everything together anymore
I can imagine that Linkplay no longer wants other brands to use WiiM's specific application. Especially so close to the Pro release as WiiM family grows.
Yes and no, they are all LinkPlay apps.
Have a look at the apps from Arylic, Audio Pro, Audiocast, iEAST, Belkin, Marshall, Arylic (4Stream).Jam Audio etc etc. They are all tweeked versions of the same app. Would be nice to keep one app to combine Linkplay brands.
Those ones are tweaked for external brands. WiiM is a Linkplay brand.