WiiM Pro and Google Routines

Balthazar B

Major Contributor
Nov 1, 2022
Just a heads-up that there may be some subtle differences between how WiiM Pro and Chromecast Audio devices behave in Google Routines. Specifically, how the Pro responds to volume change commands may be quirky. Going to be doing some structured experiments later today to explore what's what. I'll add to this thread with the results.

Still early days, but if anyone else with a Pro has included them in Routines, and noticed anything odd, please respond!
I guess the behavior in common is going to be somewhat similar to Shield TV with the fixed volume. For example no volume lowering when asking commands to Google speakers around.
I haven't put the Pro into fixed volume mode yet, but that'll be one of the states I'll try. I did find a Routine command will (apparently) lower the volume to zero successfully, but (perhaps) not increase it properly. Maybe it's a bug, maybe there's a workaround, depending.