WiiM Pro Plus - unable to add as accessory to Apple Home


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Mar 16, 2023
Hello all,

I have both WiiM Pro and WiiM Pro Plus, which I handle through Apple iPhone 13. With WiiM Pro all looks fine, I'm able to stream via Air Play and have also added it to the Home application of iPhone. However, today I tried setting up WiiM Pro Plus. Although I did find a bit of issues in the setup (e.g. in the auto sync it produced no sound and synced to 0 ms) and also I downloaded the updated firmware twice (this is a bit strange that it asked to do it two times, perhaps the second time there was a prerequisite for the firmware level to be on a specific version in order to download the final one) eventually it looks fine: the auto sync produced a sound and set the delay to specific ms and I am able to stream audio via Air Play. However, no matter how many restarts I did to both the WiiM Pro Plus as well as iPhone, when I try to add it to the Home app I get the following error:


Fun fact: WiiM Pro is successfully added. I have also checked the Home app settings for Speakers & TV, no password is required and "Anyone On the Same Network" can access. No need to say of course that both WiiM Pro Plus and iPhone are linked to the same network WiFi.

Any ideas on how to resolve this? It looks like a software issue but could it be a hardware fault? Just asking so as to take it back now that the guarantee is still valid.

Thank you in advance!
Seen it mentioned elsewhere in relation to Sonos speakers that similarly won’t connect - you may need to factory reset (yes, not just restart) your WiiM Pro Plus. AirPlay and the Home app seem to get themselves in a twist sometimes doing this, I don’t know if it’s something to do with tokens or verification.

Another reason might be it’s already in the Home app in another room - check that first before the factory reset.
Thank you for the (very) fast reply. No, I don't have it in the Home app in another room. I did a full factory reset but unfortunately the outcome is the same. Eventually I'm able to use 90% of the functionality I want but it would be better to be 100% :) Perhaps the fact that I also have WiiM Pro connected confuses the app? Nevertheless, I connected them simultaneously (one to coaxial out, the other to optical out) and I was able to stream to either one via AirPlay - just picked the one I wanted.

My main concern is if this can be related in any way to a hardware fault - better return it now than later when the warrantee won't be valid.
Don’t think it’s hardware related as my mini for some reason did that too after I had had it in the Home app but deleted it with a view to tidying up the various rooms that had appeared in the app. No matter what I tried it couldn’t be added back in till I factory reset it after reading somewhere about Sonos speaker comment I mentioned.

I guess the nuclear option of deleting all devices from the home app, hard rebooting your iOS device, rebooting the router then factory resetting the WiiM might be the next thing I’d try , but Sod’s Law would probably mean you again could only add everything but one other device. ;)
Yeah I don't think it's a hardware issue as well, given that I successfully streamed music and sent it to an external amp via both SPDIF and coaxial. Again, thank you for the replies!