Wiim vs Volumio..


New member
Jan 17, 2023
I am trying to decide between a Wiim and a Dell Wyse 3040 (with Volumio).

I mostly listen to my own flac files stored on my unRAID box. I cant find a lot of info on how well the Wiim handles local only (mostly).

Is it any good for someone who is playing %95 local files?

Cheers :)
No issues playing my local flacs from a nas and media server.
I do prefer using bubbleupnp over the wiim app though,
My servers are Asset and Twonky and the WiiM mini works really well with being controlled using Bubble. The WiiM home app has a problem operating in place of Bubble. The app gets the rotating cursor when playing full albums and requires an app kill to select more tracks etc. I've reported this through several tickets but it still occurs. If gapless is important to you, this function works really well from both apps.