can't change output to coax wiim app


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Aug 3, 2023
I have 2 digital outputs in rotation, an optical link to Logitech speakers and a coax link to an external dac and larger speakers and amp that I often flip between depending on program material. I often listen to podcasts or news feeds over optical to the "computer speakers" and also switch to more quality equipment if listening to music inside the same room so need to switch outputs on the wiim pro quite often
Since the latest update, I can't select coax from the wiim app, unless I go throught the audio output menu and inside many submenus instead of directly at the output screen window. Selecting line out or spdif does work. As a hint to the development team, the bluetooth output is checked on whenever spdif is selected this way
Thank you
iOS or android? Fine here for me on both. Try rebooting your device and deleting/reinstalling the app.

If that doesn’t fix it, submit a ticket to WiiM thru the feedback section in the WiiM Hone app settings
I'm using Android (both phone & fire tablet) and both have the same issue

I will try what you suggested, thank you

Didn't fix it, I think I should submit a ticket
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