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Hi everyone.
Here again to ask for advice and opinions. Currently fully satisfied with my WIIM PRO connected with RCA to amplifier.
Read on the net on several forums that by connecting it to an external DAC there would be a significant increase in the quality of the music.
This is true?? Or does the imagination do a lot?
If there really was a significant improvement, I thought of combining a CAMBRIDGE AUDIO DAC MAGIC 200 M. Does anyone know it? Is it a valid product? Thank you.
I think it’s fair to say that many WiiM users use the optical or coax outputs into an external DAC (and from there to an amp, for example) rather than the WiiM’s internal DAC and RCA outputs as many external DACs do a better job than the WiiM’s internal DAC.

The DAC you mention does look capable of delivery better sound, but I’m sure others will be able to suggest alternatives perhaps at a lower price that could equally do the job.
Chi-Fi like Toopings or SMSLs is worth of consideration. SMSL D6 can be quite affordable choice for example.
Thank you.
I have seen SMSL D6 but it has no headphone jack.
Since I have to make a purchase I wanted it to have this too.
The Cambridge, for example, if I insert headphones while using it as a DAC, automatically eliminates sound from the speakers.
I wanted something that simple.
I already had the SMSL SU-6 since last year and I'm still very happy with it. It also happens to fit nicely on top of the WiiM Pro :)PXL_20230223_112916984.jpg
On my opinion Topping D50s is unbeatable. I passed through different DACS to land on D50s. There are a lot of reviews about it. Read some.
KEEP in mind that a DAC is what a phono cartridge is for a turntable.
However it has no headphone jack. Why don’t you use the jack of your ampli instead?
I like that it has no head jack. In my opinion every added electrnic introduces some extra noise and electric disturbance. ;)
Unfortunately my amplifier has no headphones connection.
For this I want a DAC that also allows me to listen with headphones.
Unfortunately my amplifier has no headphones connection.
For this I want a DAC that also allows me to listen with headphones.
You have several choices. In addition to the SMSL mentioned by others, there's an iFi that's worth considering: https://ifi-audio.com/products/zen-dac-v2/. What headphones do you use? If they're pretty hard to drive, a Schiit Asgard w/DAC module would be a good fit -- and still a lot less expensive than the Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M.
@Antony67, it just occurred to me that the DAC module on the Asgard accepts USB input, and WiiM VERY unfortunately (IMHO) neglected to provide any USB output on the Pro. At least on its first incarnation.

Still curious what headphones you use, though. That could have a strong bearing on what DAC/amp would work best for you.
The Cambridge is an ideal high quality DAC. Has a great headphone amp, If you stream Tidal it can do everything MQA with an amazing sound. It does not sound synthetic like the Cheap variety. Schiit does not work with MQA.
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