Input source select using front panel preset button?


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Jan 25, 2023

Just playing with my new Wiim Pro (bought as potential replacement for several Yamaha WXC-50 streamers) and so far very impressed but struggling to find how to use the Preset button on the front panel - I was expecting that one of the 4 buttons on the front panel would be an input select (like on the Yamaha where I can turn on my TV, press the front panel input selector button until SPDIF is selected as input and then immediately hear TV sound, WITHOUT having to open the awful Yamaha app)..
This is one of the best things about the Yamaha streamer.

Perhaps it's possible to assign sources to the presets ie Preset 1=wifi, Preset 2=line in, Preset 3=spdif, Preset 4=Bluetooth? Assuming the front panel 'Preset' button then acts as a scroll-around selector then that would enable me to select the input source without needing to open the Wiim app...?