Multiroom group; option to disable downsampling


Jan 1, 2023

I saw the question and answer below, in italic, on Since network bandwidth isn't an issue for most households where I live then the downsampling ought to be a default option that you could disable yourself when you have sufficient bandwidth right?

I might be way off here but I base my assumptions that each stream of 24-bit/192kHz uses approximately 10Mbit/s (did some quick reading here:
Since 100Mbit/s up and down is more or less the minimum bandwidth here then shouldn't that be sufficient for 5 wiim pro streams in a multiroom setup?

Q: If the source music is 24-bit/192 khz, will it stream in 24-bit/192 khz to multiple wiim pro units configured for multi-room listening?

A: When streaming in the multi-room group, the Hi-Res audio will be down sampled to 16-bit/48kHz to save the network bandwidth.
IF you were using LMS as a media server with 5 WiiMs as endpoints then the stream from Qobuz would be 1 x 10mbps. The server would then multiply the stream and hand it in to each player.
Except this isn’t 100% possible yet because the WiiMs would currently have to use the LMS UPnP/DLNA bridge which doesn’t synchronise perfectly. When WiiM put Squeezelite onto the Mini and Pro then it will be fully possible.

They would all get 24/192