My cable mess


Major Contributor
Apr 30, 2023
All right My Wiim is connected via optical over a manual optical switch (because it shares an optical input to the DAC with a HDMI audio extractor to which a Chromecast is attached) to an SMSL M500 MKIII DAC going into a Sansui 331 Receiver. Coax is also attached. I still have to decide which sounds best. It is fed power by the Ifi iPower X. I guess I could use the optical in on the WIIM for my chromecast (video it goes into a 27" pc monitor I use as a tv/video screen)
Not every rock will do, but luckily the extractor doesn't have audiophile tasks. I just ordered a crystal ball from amazon to help with the led on the wiim (I needed something to fill out an order to qualify for free shipping).
I have used that rock to hammer in real tent herrings into really rocky ground. There is till some zinc residue on it to prove it. I don't know what that will do for my audio.