New firmware 5.0.612034

If you have an issue and want to bring it to WiiM’s attention, the best way to do do is by raising a ticket thru the settings/feedback section of the WiiM Home app so they can inspect your device logs. Also re “messaging a mod”, I’m not aware of another moderator other than myself - the WiiM team are admins ;)

Gotcha. I actually messaged the WiiM Support Admin. Anyway, he (she?) told me to open a support ticket. Thanks.
I'm in the App Store now and there is no update for WiiM Home.
There was an update 9 hours ago. If you’re on iOS, often you have to click the app from the App Store search results. ‘Open’ will then often change to ‘update’. The new version is still 2.9.2 but a different build by the looks of it. It is now


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