Resolving 24/192 not working via SPDIF


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Jan 26, 2023
Previously, I had 24/192 sampling working via SPDIF on my WiiM Mini.

Today, I went into the WiiM App and noticed that all content was playing at 44.1 and was confused... thinking maybe it was a bug in the latest firmware.

I changed the Output Resolution to a lower value, 24/96 and sound played thru my DAC -> Headphone Amp -> Headphones. But when I changed the Output Resolution to 24/192 no sound came thru... even though I heard the DAC clicking to indicate it was changing its sampling rate.

After reading another support thread, I decided to swap from the aftermarket optical cable I've been using back to the stock cable which came with the WiiM. I rebooted WiiM and my DAC, but I could still only get 24/96 to play sound.

I thought maybe the optical cable connectors weren't quite properly seated between the DAC and WiiM, so I re-adusted them and tested again. Still no sound at 24/192.

Finally, I thought that perhaps having the optical cable fairly tightly wrapped around itself could be affecting the signal... so I disconnected both connectors, swapped which connector went to the DAC & WiiM, and then reconnected everything, but wrapping the cable around in a circle much looser (i.e. greater radius). After another reboot of the devices I'm now able to get 24/192 when configuring in the WiiM App and playing music.

I just wanted to share this troubleshooting resolution in case anyone else runs into the same problem.
Yes thanks. Different page to get to the resolution check. I LL check tomorrow again if the hi res gets to my dac.


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