Shielded coax cable suggestions?

Balthazar B

Major Contributor
Nov 1, 2022
Just received a couple of WiiM Pro devices and have begun setting them up. Mostly good, but their recessed inputs for digital coax are WAY too tiny for the WBC shielded coax cables I have on hand. Toslink works OK, but I just prefer coax into my DAC whenever available. And contrary to some rumors out there, while WiiM includes a Toslink cable, they don't include digital coax.

Just looking for suggestions on a short, good quality shielded coax cable that seats well from anyone who is successfully using one with the Pro. Cheers!
I am using Monoprice 102681 3-Feet RG6 RCA CL2 Rated Digital Coaxial Audio Cable I bought from Amazon. The connectors are sized just enough to still fit the WiiM Pro.
My MIT Digital coax connectors were problematic as well. I found a 75ohm digital cable from Monarchy Audio that did the trick, but Monarchy went extinct a long time ago.