Solved: No voice sound


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Feb 17, 2023
I am connecting WiiM Pro and my audio interface with TRS (6.3) to double RCA.

I have 2 methods of connecting:
1. TRS mono (male) --- 2 RCA (male)
I don't want to use this, simply because it can only do mono.
2. TRS stereo (male) --- 2 RCA (female) <---> RCA to RCA (included cable with the WiiM Pro)
So I bought this one, not realising that it is RCA female cable. (

However, 2nd method is not outputting any voice sound, but other frequencies are played. For example, I would hear anything else than a voice of a singer.

What could be the problem of this? If I can fix this, I wouldn't have to buy another cable, so I would like to solve it.
Thanks in advance.
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Turns out my audio interface could not output stereo sound from one input source. Bought two mono cables and solved