SPDIF resync / clock locking during manual tracks switching


Major Contributor
Oct 20, 2022
which can result in clicking / popping / static noise as it has been reported in some threads related to both Pro and Mini.

For Spotify there is no such issue regardless of songs being played over Connect or from the playlist internally in Home app.
For Tidal Connect there is an SPDIF resyncing only when needed - ie. sample rate change between songs. For Tidal played in Home app resync is being made always during the tracks switching.
For AM or UPnP tracks there is always SPDIF resyncing.

@WiiM Support , can it be improved to get the Tidal Connect behavior - resync only when needed?
If you use 16 bit 44.1khz output with tidal connect that should solve the relocking issue, but then you don’t get the benefit of higher bitrate.