What are you listening to?

To speed it up.
1980 (P) Tom Allom
1980. Best year for heavy metal ever? Yes, for me at lest! From the first words that Rob Halford sang on Rapid Fire - "pounding the world like a battering ram" and in vision of Priest's signature song, Metal Gods.

Low volume listening.
Have to .. neighbours.
But late at night i can enjoy even more because less noise outside from traffic.
This music needs the silence to flow...🏞️🏞️🏞️
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1966 (P) Brian Wilson
If Brian Wilson only would have made this one record it alone earned him a place beside the best!

1975 (P) Bruce Springsteen, Mike Appel & Jon Landau
This was the album that saved Springsteen's career after sales of his first two were disappointing.

1977 (P) Chris Thomas & Bill Price
"We needed to break free from the shackles that were demanding blind obedience to a monarchy!"


This Town soundtrack: All songs in the BBC drama

This Town episode 1 songs

  • Jamaica Ska by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
  • You Can Get It If You Really Want by Desmond Dekker
  • Food For Thought by UB40
  • Broadway Jungle by Toots & The Maytals
  • Fly Me to the Moon by Tom Jones
  • Don't Stay Away by Phyllis Dillon
  • Take This Longing by Leonard Cohen
  • The Tide Is High by Blondie
  • I Think It's Going to Rain Today by UB40
Each episode has a unique soundtrack of songs!
Halftime with the list.
Time to work off some new or not so new releases.

Of course Lang Lang is an above average pianist. But is the hype around him really justified? And the omnipresence? I find a bunch of other young pianists superior and fear I will once open our refrigerator and he is in. YMMV
My biggest issue with him is the sometimes ridiculous, exaggerated mannerist affectation. This Saint-Saëns is.....ok. I can listen. I can not watch longer than a minute.

(P) 1984 Ted Templeman
If ever a rock band epitomised the American Dream its Van Halen. Formed in Pasadena in 1974 by four teenage kids from families that had migrated.

I'm a little concerned that, from a German (I'm assuming), I don't recall seeing any Scorpions in the list so far.
But maybe that's because they are higher up the charts, as is to be expected!
If only I had the time to listen to half the music you do... keep up the good work.
(Although when you move to your classical top 100 I might just have to stop reading this thread ;))