What are you listening to?

I'm a little concerned that, from a German (I'm assuming), I don't recall seeing any Scorpions in the list so far.
But maybe that's because they are higher up the charts, as is to be expected!
If only I had the time to listen to half the music you do... keep up the good work.
(Although when you move to your classical top 100 I might just have to stop reading this thread ;))

Indeed, Scorpions didn't make the cut. May be their bio was not exciting enough ;-) And may be a little to many retirements from retirements.
My retirement a few months ago gave me the time to spend in listening and reading so much forgotten or waiting stuff.
My for many hard to understand musical taste is that I love (nearly) every genre. The platitude that there is only good or bad music works for me.
To change a song intro: Classic was my first love. Socialised with it from early childhood.
But I promise: No list for that, only some opinions. By the way, such a list would be infinite. ;-)
1969 (P) Jimmy Miller
The Beatles were more innovative, more popular, more of a cultural phenomenon. Led Zeppelin sold more records. But there has never been a better rock'n'roll band than the stones.

1979 (P) Guy Stevens & Mick Jones
Most exciting rock'n'roll is made by people in their twenties for people in their teens. Kind of promised land what the future will give them in love and happiness. ;-)


1987 Kylie Minogue

The song received positive reviews from contemporary music critics, although some dismissed the lyrical content. Despite this, it received commercial attention around the world, topping charts in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany, and peaked in the top ten in countries including New Zealand and Japan, and on the Dance charts in the U.S.

A bank holiday and having all the place and time for myself.
1971 (P) Tom Dowd
The Allman Brothers Band's 1971 double album is often and with some right (although not my choice) proclaimed as rock's greatest live release.

Switching from another (most likely not to exterminate) metaphysical dispute about false and correct back again to the important things ;-)
1971 (P) Rodger Bain
Between 1970 and 1975, the band released six groundbreaking albums - a run that still stands as one of rock's greatest hot streaks.

Last for today and in order not to upset @Mr Ee only a small portion classic today ;-))
For recreation. Not only Vlatava, (The Moldau), but this whole circle of six symphonic poems is beautiful music.

If my experience is already an old hat please pardon me.
I've noticed recently that an available booklet, which normally in the Qobuz app is shown as a book symbol, was in the WiiM app under Beschreibung/description available and in the Qobuz app not.
With my last above recommendation I have seen that for the first time.
**Just seen. Q changed it and in the place the book symbol was there is since a while a radio symbol. The booklets are available (if available) in a three dot menu.
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Unique sound from Wasp..
What a singer..this energy ...unbelievable.
Music is about emotion..pure metal energy in my opinion.
Try to sing in this way..with this energy would be very difficult.
Think about the ballads..a unique singer in my opinion.
He can deliver this live..thats important too .

If i wanted to see a band live..:

To me it would be Nynke Laverman, Woven hand and Wasp.
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