What are you listening to?

1968 (P) Jimi Hendrix
The album was not born easily. It took Hendrix an entire year to realise "the towering and complex sonic edifice he was carrying around inside head and heart".

1987 (P) Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno
Trivia: Twenty-four years after it was released and has sold 25m copies, Bono said: "At the time we felt guilty about our success, didn't quite feel as if we lived up to it. The Joshua Tree is a great piece of work. I know that now, but I didn't for ages."

1975 (P) Jack Douglas
Written and released on April 8, 1975. In a year Zeps Physical Graffiti, Elton Johns Captain Fantastic and Bowies Young Americans were also released, it held its ground as a major contender.

Speeding up to get things finished.
1987 (P) Mutt Lange
Def Leppard were under no illusions about what they wanted to be, they wanted to become the biggest band in the world. At some stage on the way to No. 1 it seems it stumbled.

From now I fear it will be even more boring. The following albums are more or less the usual subjects. Of course there is a reason they became usual subjects.

#39 (1971) Bruce Botnik & The Doors
The album that bore the song's name was released in April 1971, and hit the Top 10 a few weeks later. It was a total triumph, but tragically, it would be Jim's last with the band.

1972 (P) Jimmy Miller
Given a critical kicking at the time, this double album has come to be widely regarded as one of the Stones' definitive records!

1991 (P) Rick Parashar
Although Pearl Jam eventually rejected the mainstream, the band's best album is also their most commercial: their magnificent debut, Ten.

1980 (P) Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, Lee Kerslake, Bob Daisley
Widely regarded as a busted flush after his sacking from Black Sabbath, Sharon brought Ozzy to his sense and somehow coaxed this excellent album out of him - with a little help from a late guitar genius, the adorable Randy Rhoads.

1981 (P) Rush & Terry Brown
Released in 1981, the album was Top 5 in the UK and the US and has gone platinum four times over in their native Canada.