What's your setup/configuration look like?

Danke! Believe it or not, the Marantz SM-7 amp and SC-7 preamp (on the right side) were given to me by a friend. I told him I could not pay what they are worth when he wanted to sell them last year. He said he wanted them to have a happy home. Blew...me...away. I LOVE the SM-7 for hi-fi and use the Emotiva A3 for L/C/R in the 7.2.4 theater.
Very nice, look after it...(y)
I have had my WiiM Mini for less than a month. It is in my bedroom system. My listening room and family room systems use nodes hooked up over single mode fiber with media converters and linear power supplies. The only issue I have had with the mini is it is located to far from my wireless router. Solved that earlier this week by installing a Deco 6 mesh system. Here is what my bedroom system looks like.
SMSL AO200 balanced Amp and DO200 DAC. Playing thru KEF Q350 speakers on stands sitting on Monoprice 8in powered subs. The WiiM mini is on top of a Roku Ultra which sits on a Schitt Mani. The turntable is a Fluance RT85 with a Audio Technics 540ML cartridge. For such a inexpensive system it sounds surprisingly good. Especially at my listening position. I will give this WiiM mini a few more days, but I have already talked myself into the Pro model.
I've managed to build quite a nice A/V setup in my rather small apartment - with Wiim Pro being the latest addition to it:
- 65" Philips OLED TV with Nvidia Shield as the focal video source
- Yamaha AV receiver with Canton 5.1 surround speaker setup
- Audio Technica turntable with NAD pre-amp
- Wiim Pro connected optically to the receiver (with Tidal HiFi Plus)
- Austrian Audio headphones and Sony Bluetooth headphones (for commuting and travelling)