What's your setup/configuration look like?

The Wiim Pro was the justification to rescue the old Denon UDM-10 receiver from the closet and set it up in the study, with a Topping DX3-Pro+ thrown in for good measure. Not shown are the original Mission SC-M5K bookshelf speakers that came with the Denon receiver, and an equally old Oppo DV971 CD player, also repurposed from door-stop duty, and connected to the Wiim by coax. The black plastic blocks separating the components are leftover legs from a pair of computer risers i bought to elevate my TV over my sound bar in a different setup.
Wiim Pro Setup.jpg
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Again that looks very clean and tidy
I should take a picture of the huge mess of wires behind my hi fi cabinet. I really can't believe there're so many of them.
tv, nas, network switch, playstation, media players, dvd players, streamers, amps, speakers... and wires seeming connecting everything to everything else in every way possible.
Good job there are opaque doors on the front!
WiiM mini -> stock optical cable to Roksan Attessa integrated -> Elac Carina, using supra ply 3.4s cables .


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Wiim Pro to CA DAC magic200M, into Yamaha as500 connected to Tannoy M3! Every now and then, listening to CD's from the Rotel RCD951! Can't post pics....says to large :(
Ooooh JBL Speakers, very nice
Yes, they punch well above their price range.

My setup - Wiim Pro connected via spdif to Minidsp Flex Balanced feeding BK Monolith sub and Audiophonics HPA-T400ET which drives a pair of Kef Q750.
Wiim Pro connected via coax to SMSL C200 driving pair of Sennheiser HD560s.
Sounds better than it looks. :LOL:

Edit: Just realised this in the Wiim Mini section 🤦


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