Wiim mini not discovered by Alexa


Feb 18, 2023
Two or three days ago I setup a wiim mini using toslink to Transporter DAC. I have 4 Alexas and also use Amazon music unlimited. Everything is up to date and all on the same subnet. The Wiim is 5ghz and the alexas on 2.4Ghz. Everything worked correctly except the Alexa world is not aware of the Wiim speaker. I can use Wiim app to play amazon music on the Wiim but the Wiim is not seen by Alexa.

Frustration... In the end I left it for hours thinking I would return it to Amazon as non - working. Somewhere in that gap of time something happened because when I tried once more to add the speaker to Alexa it was listed. I was able to create the speaker group and everything was fine.

Great. RESULT! I did all the final touches - added a 5v output from the transporter to drive the Wiim, moved the kit to its final location in the lounge and rename the Wiim to "Lounge Wiim". Lost it all again. I have factory reset the Wiim but several hours later I am stuck in the same loop - everything - apart from Alexa control, works on the Wiim.

I have also raised a ticket with the manufacturer but do suspect its a hidden step I have missed - especially as it has happened twice now. Any suggestions?

BTW. Was blown away by the sound of the Wiim 24bit 96Khz TOSLINK into Logitech Transporter DAC playing hi res Amazon Jazz.
SOLVED. It was a UTS fault. I disabled both Amazon Music and Amazon Alexa in the mange Music services tab of the app. I quit the app and then restarted and added both back in again. When asked I entered the same Amazon account for both. The difference was then it asked if Wiim could have access to Alexa (or words to that effect). I said yes. Went into Alexa multiple room music and the Wiim speaker was there so was able to add it to a group. All working now