WiiM Pro Plus ==>M AudioBX8d2 cables question


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Dec 18, 2023
Hello guys, I am audio nube, google extensively but still feel dumb;(
Point me in a right direction, please..

I have_
WiiM Pro Plus
MAudio BX8 d2 monitors
Sony Bravia TV
I want_ to play Tidal/HD Amazon and TV to speakers.
(Ideally, also, lossless music collection from PC as well)

How exactly do I do it?
Particularly: what cables do I need??

BX8 have 2 inputs: XLR and TRS

WiiM Pro + have 3 outputs: coax out, RCA out, spdif out

What cables I should run from WiiM Pro + to speakers?

I got lost reading about balanced/unbalanced, 75 vs 50 Ohm, ect, and myriad of different splitting options. searching Amazon for RCA to XLR(or TRS) produce frustrating results 😞Could you point me with links(amazon, ect) what exact cables do I need to accomplish this goal?

Coax to 2 TRS?

Coax to 2 XLR?

RCA to TRS? x2

RCA to XLR? x2

Planning to use spdif OUT from TV to spdif IN WiiM.
Or I am loosing some point?

Many Thanks!