Availbility of WiiM Pro?

Hi Hulle Sack
I live in Italy and I'm in the same condition as you.
Made a pre-order on January 27, but there's still no talk of shipping.
It's a long wait ☹️☹️. Let's hope it ends soon.
Just this morning Amazon.it mailed me about shipping date update. It seems that i will receive my WiiM Pro on 14 of February😅😅👋👋
...received also an eMail, the PRO shall be delivered between 13-16 february :)
Just received another email from Amazon Italy. It seems that they brought forward the arrival of my long-awaited WiiM Pro from February 14th to February 10/12th. 👋 👋👋
WiiM Pro Shipment.jpg
Let's hope it's true.
I can't wait any longer 😖😖
Ich habe gefragt, weil der obige Screenshot eine Bestellsumme von 89e zeigte...
Ja, ich habe das jetzt erst gesehen. Sonderbar. Auf der Amazonseite für Italien steht dann auch 179€. Ich glaube, der kostet überall gleich viel. Aber freuen wir uns auf das Ding.