Ethernet WiiM Pro

If someone comment that we think it’s funny or even dumb, we just got to give respect. If we answer back with attitude that will only provoke them and answer back with an attitude. Forum is where we get our information from other users whether it’s funny or dumb. Respect is the key!

Confess myself guilty! At least sometimes 😉
Yeh....I was inspired by this thread:
TAS forum
Clean LPS supplies on the media converters and Martin recommends separate supplies so as not to contaminate the grounds.
@Vangelo51 I looked up the link and spent some spare time reading around this. Interesting stuff, isolation for ethernet using media converters and fibre. Suspect the law of diminishing returns kicks in quite quickly but logically I can see where it could solve a problem if you have one or have a resolving enough system to realise the % gain. Most of the comments come from people who get results from quite inexpensive kit but does not work for everyone. Not sure on the lps argument as I am of the opinion of separating, or being very careful with, the grounds is more important. A good smps is fine for me. Not sure about the dedicated audio switch comments in there as that is a bit far, and also seemingly very expensive, but each to their own. Thanks for sharing, as I said interesting