IBroadcast - a cloud based media server


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Mar 31, 2023
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Many users seem to be searching for a suitable media server solution - all of which are likely to involve setting up an installation on another device (eg. Roon, LMS, Minimserver, etc.) and may demand monthly or yearly subscriptions.

IBroadcast is a cloud based music server for your own digital media. It's free (although there is a premium version which offers higher bit rate playback). In short, you upload your music (okay that's the grunt work, and probably not suitable for the multi thousand track user!); once you've got your music uploaded, then you can access your collection using either an Android, Windows, Linux. or IOS app and playback on your phone/tablet AND/OR to chromecast devices which includes the Wiim Pro. Neat.

Sonos users have IBroadcast as a music service. I've suggested to Wiim that they add IBroadcast to their list, but have had no reaction. Search for iBroadcast (remembering that there are two separate app components, an uploader and the media player itself).
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