Mixer functionality


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Dec 11, 2023
I have alternate audio sources (microphones, custom software on a Raspberry Pi, etc) that I'd like to be able to mix over the audio playing from my WiiM Pro Plus. I can connect the Pi to the WiiM over digital audio connections and use the WiiM's DAC for my analog speakers. It seems to me like this hardware should have the technical ability to do some mixing of input channels but the app, as it stands, only allows exclusive pass through per channel. Is this a feature you'd consider adding in the future? Even if it required API access to get full functionality (although a mixer page in the app shouldn't be too crazy to implement as well). Or is the hardware only capable of one audio stream at a time?
So I found this through Google and it seems relevant enough not to open a new request...

Really - would it be possible to have WiiM mix sources?

I could have streaming (DLNA or Spotify or whatever) *and* I could also get the "ding" from my email client when a new email appears. So I'm not even talking about mixing input sources here since it's a case of streaming - just mixing internal stuff with whatever comes from one of the inputs. Or both!

Can the hardware do that? Can WiiM make it do that? It would be a great feature. Heck, it would even allow you to market it as a "karaoke streamer", the first one ever to be made! Why not?