Possible Semi-Solution for WiiM Mini Roon Users through Squeezelite?


Major Contributor
Dec 14, 2022
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Not trying to poke the bear here, but just thinking out loud. If I remember when evaluating Roon, isn’t there some level of Roon support for playing out to Squeezebox/Squeezelite clients through built in LMS emulation? I think Roon capped Squeezelite supported output at 24/192, but something would be better than nothing, right? Squeezelite is, well, pretty light and might have a much better chance of fitting into the mini’s limits. Maybe a Roon user could elaborate on the current state of support/limitations when using Roon with a Squeezelite client. In a cursory search, I’ve seen several Roon users state they surprisingly preferred the sound of Roon playing to a Squeezelite client on a Pi to a Pi running Roon Bridge. Hmm.
Roon supports Squeezebox hardware. Roon specifically does not support Squeezelite implementations. Now, that doesn't mean it won't work. Just that Roon does not test to see if anything they do breaks it, nor will Roon support answer questions about it.