What's your setup/configuration look like?

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Toujours la Wiim Pro, mon meilleur achat
Toujours le dac Gustard X16 mais je préfère mon ancien Topping D30, moins mou
Toujours un Hifiman Deva
Et le nouveau, l’ampli Aune S17 Pro (achetez-le les yeux fermés, je vous le rembourserai si vous n’êtes pas satisfait ;))


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We'd like to feature some of your setups on our blog to give other users some ideas of how to connect their WiiM devices. If you're interested please give us a "thumbs up/ (y) " to this message and we'll take that as permission to post your picture and description of your setup. Thanks!
My setup:
Deezer + WIIM PRO + Topping E50 + Mitsubishi DA-P20 + Mitsubishi/Diatone DA-A10DC + Polk Audio Monitor 7
Images will be soon ☺️ have to make a proper stand.
Here is my set up with Wiim Pro Plus.

YouTube Music => Chromecast to Wiim Pro Plus => Toslink output => SMSL DO100 Pro
=> XLR output => Kali WS6.2 subwoofer => XLR output (high pass applied) => Kali IN8 V2

Speakers are mounted on IsoAcoustics' ISO-200 and ISO-200 sub.


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Would be great to see some pictures of your setup with WiiM Mini and exact audio configuration to give others some ideas and recommendations:cool:.
Hello All,
I need some advice on how to hook up Wiim mini to this set up. Bose recommends having the EQ set up with the 901 speakers. Any thoughts/ideas?
Thanks in advance for your help.


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