WiiM app can't forget!


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Jan 20, 2023
I'm using 2 WiiM mini's and a WiiM Pro which I couldn't be happier with. I also had an Audio Pro C10 which showed up in the WiiM Home app, probably because it uses the Linkplay firmware/hardware. The Audio Pro got "bricked" during a failed firmware update, which I wasn't happy about but not WiiM related. My problem now is that the WiiM Home app will not forget the Audio Pro however many times I press the "forget this device" button. It goes away at that point but reappears the next time I open the app. The Audio Pro is not plugged in and has been absent from the network for over a week now. Anyone got any ideas how to remove it permanently?


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Delete and reinstall the app, although that might scrub your presets, preferences etc?
That did cross my mind, but would have to be last resort. I was hoping there was something I was missing somewhere.
From the screenshots I guess it's an Android device. You may try to delete the cache of the WiiM Home app before you follow @Brantome 's advice.
Good suggestion, unfortunately I tried it and it's still reappearing. It's looking increasingly likely that I'll have to go nuclear as the notification is very annoying.
I decided to take the plunge and deleted the WiiM Home app on both my iPad and Android phone and reinstall. iPad has now forgot, or so it seems, the AudioPro All my settings remained in place. A fine result I thought.
Went to the Android phone, again all settings and pre-sets preserved, great, I thought, and then just as I was about to close the app and get on with my life.....the ghost of AudioPro C10 returned. I'm completely stumped now!