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Nov 17, 2022
Hi to all
Actually this post is also about the Mini.
Does anyone have any idea where I can find the latest WHA Release Notes? I ask because yesterday the App was updated, and the changes were listed on the update page of my tablet.
However, if after some time I want to look at the changes made, where should I look?
I found these 2 links
and this
but both are completely out of date
Thanks if anyone can help me
You’ll get the full app history on iOS in the App Store, not sure if there’s an android play store equivalent
Hi @Brantome . Thx for the hint, now i can see what update involves.
Not comfortable or fast, but useful. Having another Android tablet i checked the Play Store (App Store for Android)
and your suggestion is also valid for Android.
Thank you :)
Yeah, that’s the app version. I meant you maybe had a different firmware version from what I and some others have: I have 4.8.525058 which is a beta version to test some new features that are coming along soon. You’ll find your version under your device settings speaker info. Could be the app has an issue if you’re using the public version of the firmware, not the beat I have. WIiM will hopefully confirm if you submit a ticket
If i kill the app and start the app i have this notification, it's very short like pop up maybe tenth of a second and nothing serious, everything is ok with the app but i noticed because I don't have it before.