WiiM Pro SPDIF not working on 24/192 **SOLVED**


Jan 10, 2023
I have both Wiim Mini and a new Pro, when setting it up, I changed resolution on the pro to 24/192 and try the test file with no sound, change to the Mini and I have sound 24/192 test file, so there is no issue with DAC.

Worth to mention the chain is the same, cable, DAC, ampli and speakers.

Trying again lowering resolution it worked fine in both pro and mini with test file.

I already sent feedback with the app but no answer yet.

Any advice?
Yes, that’s my point, the mini works fine with stock cable, same cable doesn’t work with the pro
The optical that came from pro doesn’t work too? I have mini and pro the optical that came from mini only work on mini and doesn’t work on 192khz on pro. The cable that came from pro works as advertised. I don’t know why.
Previously I had 24/192 resolution working via SPDIF on my WiiM Mini.

Today, I went into the WiiM App and noticed that all content was playing at 44.1 and was confused... thinking maybe it was a bug in the latest firmware.

I changed the Output Resolution to a lower value, 24/96 and sound played thru my DAC -> Headphone Amp -> Headphones. But when I changed the Output Resolution to 24/192 no sound came thru... even though I heard the DAC clicking to indicate it was changing its sampling rate.

After reading this thread, I decided to swap from the aftermarket optical cable back to the cable which came with the WiiM. I turned everything off, rebooted WiiM and my DAC, but I could still only get 24/96 to play sound.

I thought maybe the optical connectors weren't good between the DAC and WiiM, so took out and tested again. No change.

Finally, I thought the optical cable was circled around itself pretty tight, so took it out, swapped which end went into the DAC & WiiM, and then circled it much looser around itself (i.e. circling with a greater radius), and now I'm able to get 24/192 again!

So I just wanted to share this in case anyone else runs into the same problem.
I'm having this same issue with my Mini right now. It was working. Now it's not. I'm using the cable(optical)that came with the unit. I see a few people saying that coaxial cable works fine. The mini doesn't have a coaxial out, does it? Do I need a pro for that?
The optical cable that came from the product works at the advertised speed 192khz.

I was having problems with my Mini stopping in the middle of a playlist. I tried a number of things before suspecting the optical cable to my DAC possibly being the problem. Just for troubleshooting, I replaced it with the only other TOSlink cable had, and now my WiiM is playing the 15th straight track without my intervention… go figure…

I actually prefer using coaxial, buy the black Friday deal on the Mini this fall couldn’t be passed up. I’ll wait and see how it goes before I consider another streamer that offers coaxial SPDIF out