WiiM Viewer Chrome Extension

OK, I've added wiim-deezer.zip to the first post of this thread. It's a Chrome extension, requires the same setup as the others, but instead of a pop down, it will pop out to its own resizable window. Fairly crude CSS at this point, if you have the chops, please feel free to prettify - my CSS skills are minimal, at best. Cannot figure out how Flow works with this new Deezer2 API, so had to leave that button off.

Added a slightly modified version for the Kiwi browser on an Android TV box in first post of this thread.

A $29 T95 Android TV box driving a 24" display on the Kiwi browser. Doesn't appear to be a way to force Kiwi to full-screen, but not horrible.

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Kiwi browser's Night Mode:

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Very beautiful display. I have followed the same procedure, but the cover art is not covering the full height of the screen and text does not seem properly aligned. Could you help me modify the HTML to get the perfect fit like yours. I have currently installed Kiwi browser on Mi box and display is on 32 " old Sony LCD


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