Cannot use spotify connect following firmware update


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Jan 17, 2024
As post says, it was fine until I installed the latest firmware, now neither google cast, spotify connect or tidal connect work.

Have tried rebooting the device, haven't seen if it also affects my wiim amp, only the pro plus so far
Spotify Connect and ChromeCast are fine in mine, outputting analog from my Plus into my amp. Check that your outputs are set as you expect and that they haven’t been defaulted to something else, and maybe run thru the audio test if you’re using coax or optical out.
Thanks for your advice so far :) Some experiments:

My wiim amp seems unaffected in the other room, just the pro plus connected to my big stereo system.

The outputs are correct as using airplay from my iphone seems to work just fine, albeit with a reduction in quality for tidal stuff.

The issue the "connect" feature of the app as it says "connecting" then doesn't connect to the wiim pro plus.
Can you try forgetting the Plus in Spotify speaker menu, then rebooting the Plus and see if it rediscovers it ok and then connects? I guess you’ve tried both options of Spotify Connect or Google Cast in the Spotify speaker menu?
Same problem here, with the last update for WiiM Amp, version 5.0.606744.

Spotify connect doesn't work the icon blink for connection but cannot find the device
Chromecast via mac mini doesn't work, same problem
Airplay via iPad works

Amazon Music via direct connection works
Amazon Music via AlexaCast works
Amazon Music via Chromecast works
Direct Stream from my Nas works

I've restarted the Amp many times, the iPad too and now i've done a complete reset of the Amp but the problem remain...
Same exact problem here with Wiim Pro on firmware 4.8.606344. I cannot connect to the Wiim pro with Spotify on my Andoid phone nor windows PC.
Yes, same problem here tonight. Have had a mini and a Pro for ages , has always worked fine but tonight Spotify not working on either
Same for me, but Spotify Connect isn't working on any of my non-WiiM devices either, so I'm wondering whether it's a coincidental problem at Spotify's end.
Can you connect to any non WiiM device? I can’t connect from Spotify to my fire tv cube nor any of my echos from the Android Spotify app. My iPad Spotify worked earlier to my Pro Plus, but now it won’t connect to any device, WiiM or otherwise. Looking like a Spotify issue to me
Same here. Spotify Connect will not connect to either of 2 Minis, even though both Minis appear as options on my phone and my tablet. Fails on both Android phone and Android tablet. Worked fine for a year until today. Firmware 4.6.606643.

Edit: Just tried Spotify Connect on my TV through the Fire TV Stick. Failed. Even though the TV appears as an option on my phone, when I click on it, it doesn't connect. So, like others here, I'm wondering if this is a Spotify issue and not a WiiM issue.
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