LMS/Squeezelite Support Mini


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Oct 31, 2022
Moving this here from the thread at the old forum (https://faq-mini.wiimhome.com/support/discussions/topics/72000741459?page=1)

I quote cc, who started that:

<< There are thousands of Logitech Media Server users out there, with a very active forum dedicated to its use. It would be great if Squeezelite support were added to the WiiM Mini to make it a native LMS client, with the full feature set.
https://github.com/ralph-irving/squeezelite >>

There was a suggestion from Wiim Support that LMS was already useable via UPnP/DLNA, which is true, but using that is quite techy and beyond many customers. Captain Paranoia put it well at the old forum:

<< I think the reply from 'WiiM Support' misses the point; WiiM will be accessible via LMS using the UPnP/DLNA, Chromecast or Airplay plugins, but not via the LMS SlimProto protocl, which supports multi-room casting. Since Squeezelite is an open source implementation of the SlimProto renderer, it would seem a fairly easy win to deploy to the WiiM.>>

So, Wiim Support, can you make implementation of LMS/Squeezelite a priority, please, both on the Mini and the upcoming Pro? And personally, It would be interesting to hear Wiim's current plans for this before I buy either of these (great seeming) products.
Integrated LMS support is a prerequisite for me and without it I would be unable to go ahead with a planned WiiM purchase.

Hoping this could be a quick win for WiiM.
Posters over at the LMS forum (posts #15 & 17 at https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?116444-Adding-a-Wiim-Mini-to-your-LMS-system/page2) suggest that because the WiiM OS is based on Tina Linux, "then shoehorning Squeezelite into it shouldn’t be that difficult".

It would be great to hear if WiiM Support people agree, and if that improves the likelihood of implementing LMS.
Hi T-B, your suggestion on the Squeezelite is well noted. I'll raise it with our team and we should be able to support it via the software update. Please stay tuned!
Thanks, Support person, that sounds v. promising.
Our house has three Logitech Squeezebox devices, a Touch, a Classic and The Radio. I want to retire the Classic as it's getting unreliable and I want to add more Squeezebox devices. The WIIM Mini would be perfect if it would integrate. I'd buy at least two if it had that functionality.

We run the LMS server on our Synology and I'm just not willing to switch ecosystems as the Squeezebox works perfectly.
John Darko, who's a WiiM fan, is also an LMS fan. After a recent video extolling LMS's virtues, he followed up with this one...

... which underlines LMS's popularity in general.

WiiM people: With that in mind, I think it would benefit you to consider shifting "Support native squeezelite client" from the vague-sounding "Future Updates" section of your Roadmap to an actual date, and sooner rather than later. Please!
1+ for this idea as it adds real value for people who were once the frontrunners of music streaming.
As the Logitech hardware may face a lack of service environment the substitution through a WIIM device seems reasonable.
Imho, this would be a a serious mulitiplicator because many LMS proponents (like John Darko or Ted_B from NativeDSD) are well established figureheads in the audiophile environment.
And there are literally thousand of Pi's waiting to be controlled by the WIIM App ;-)
Sounds to me like a better bet than MQA ...
Hi T-B, TTC64, we'll raise this with our team. Our current plan is to work on this after we complete the "Roon Ready" effort and hope to get it done in the Q1, 23. We'll see if we can get it released earlier. Please stay tuned!
Wiim Support, that's very good news! May the roadmap rise up to meet you.
Hi T-B, TTC64, we'll raise this with our team. Our current plan is to work on this after we complete the "Roon Ready" effort and hope to get it done in the Q1, 23. We'll see if we can get it released earlier. Please stay tuned!

Any news, WiiM support, on a date for LMS/Squeezelite implementation? It would be so welcome to me and I believe many other potential customers, and would trigger my purchase of a Pro when it's available in the UK, which I understand is imminent.
I've been running LMS for 20+ years, and I have been waiting for a third party player to do a proper job of supporting LMS. I have been nursing Logitech hardware for years, and am well ready for a quality all-in-one alternative. I think you'll find there is a surprising amount of demand pent up to reward a fairly modest development effort.
Good points, SeeZee. I think some of the queries that people are asking about in other threads here might be solved if Squeezelite were available now on Wiim and they were able to use LMS—which is a very mature and well developed system with loads of useful plugins. Check out, for example, the lively LMS forums, here: https://forums.slimdevices.com
I too am excited to hear that WiiM is looking at getting Squeezelite integrated and will definitely be getting a Pro. I love LMS and prefer it over anything else I have tried (Roon, MPD, Plexamp, MinimServer, Airsonic, etc.) but it is so hard to set up. Anything that makes using LMS easier is really exciting.

To that point, I would also put a vote in for a Plexamp headless in WiiM. I got it 'sort-of' working on my Raspberry Pi 4 but not reliably enough to use. That is the thing I am so excited about WiiM for - it gives so many options to play local and streamed music. While not as good as Plexamp headless, the addition of Chromecast in the Pro makes my Plex server a possible source. Cool.