Pass-through of multi-channel (5.1) audio


Dec 20, 2022
Similar to the DSD request, would be fantastic is the unit could pass the signal for external DAC processing, for flac,etc where the source file contains 6 channels.

SACD / DVD-A rips for example.....
Probably need HMDI, think opt & coax digital may be too constrained.

Probably something to consider for a Pro V2 model....
Yes, I will totally support Wiim by buying Pro v2 if they add multi-channel and/or exotic features like DSD and Dirac Live.
I think it's a growing market - many artists are exploring surround sound music, you only have to look at some of the stuff appearing on blu-ray audio, & now looking at Atmos enhanced music.

The site below is great for seeing what's out there, & although the likes of SACD or DVD-A were a very niche market, we are now moving towards a much wider spectrum of multi-channel audio.
The down-side is so few streamers actually support this, & virtually none do gapless (essential for live music for instance), so if WIIM were to look at this, they may find that a whole new market segment opens up....

hint, hint 😉