UPNP: Multi Disk Albums -> Track sorting broken


Major Contributor
Feb 29, 2024
I share my Plex music library via UPNP and can access it via the WiiM Home App (Home Music Share). So far music playback works ok, but I just discovered that track sorting of multi disk albums is broken. I don’t recognize the sorting pattern yet - seems random to me.
I‘m not sure if the WiiM Home App or UPNP Sharing via Plex is to blame (track sorting in the Plex App is correct though).
My question: If you use UPNP shares with the Home App - is multi disk albums track sorting correct for you?
Thanks! For what ever reason it was set to Track Number. Changed to Default and reloaded the page which fixed it!
Glad it helped.

Default displays the tracks in the order they're delivered by the music server, which for Plex (and almost all other servers) is the correct setting.