WiiM Mini

Enjoying the latest firmware update?

4.6.432755 (Latest)
Release date: 10 / 17 / 2022
This update involves the following:
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Spotify playback smoothness
    • SPDIF output becomes idle when system stops play in two minutes
    • Bit perfect output for LinkPlay multiroom for 48k Hz or lower, 16-bit content
    • Amazon Music memory optimization for 24/192k audio
    • Select the best AP for the mesh network
    Bug Fixes:
    • Keep the BT Source mode when the device reboots
    • Slave speaker volume issue for the Spotify multiroom
    • EQ clipping when using the fixed volume option or playing music in high volume
    • Other bug fixes and performance improvements
    New Features:
    • Add movie and gaming EQ modes
    • Radio Paradise
    • Options to set the SPDIF idle timeout
    • SoundCloud Beta
Unfortunately not at all due to distortions I can measure with that FW.
Will WiiM Mini be replaced by WiiM PRO or WiiM Mini will be available simultaneously ?