Android Media Controls


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Jan 9, 2023
I'm not sure if I'm the only one with this issue, but I have not seen it mentioned anywhere in the forums. It would be really nice to support media controls in the android app. This would allow playback control from the notification menu and the lock screen as well as displaying the currently playing track. As it is now, you must be in the Wiim Home app to access this information and control playback.
Absolutely this! It's so frustrating having to go back into the app to adjust volume or skip tracks
Agree with OP.And a couple more:

Widgets would be good, not just for playback controls but to be able to add Preset Contents shortcuts to Android homescreen.
Totally agree. I hope it will also pause playback during incoming call via phone or messengers
Yes! Very weird that I can't control wiim from the Android pull down menu or lock screen.
This is the very first thing I noticed when I started using the App. Every other player uses the media controlls
The only issue u can think is if you open another app the sound could move to that app if it is integrated that way.
Vote for!
I thought that there is someting wrong with my Wiim app, that there is no media control on loceked screen :) It is really neede feature. Especially, that Wiim app is only way to play from Amazon Music in Poland on Wiim!
@WiiM Support is something like this in the works? I expected something as simple and fundamental would soon be implemented after I got my WiiM Pro, but it's been 6 months with having to switch back to the app to control my music 🙃 less of an issue when using a 3rd party app of course, but definitely when playing a source directly from the WiiM app, like streaming radio.

This seems to be a huge oversight with the app design. It is so frustrating to have to switch to the app for basic playback controls which every other media playing app does.
I am surprised that more users haven't requested this.
4stream doesn't have it so WIIM Home doesn't have it either since it is an extended version of 4stream. Probably too hard for Linkplay to program.
This would be beneficial not just because it would make it convenient to control playback without having to open the app, but as the system level media controls exist outside the app using a standard API, it would also enable some other useful functionality. For instance, on Wear OS if your phone has system level media controls active, then these are mirrored on your watch. There are also a number of apps which allow submitting played tracks ("scrobbling") to services like if playback of said tracks triggers the system level controls. So this one feature could unlock a couple of other nice bits of functionality.
I keep looking for this myself and am bummed each time I don't find it. So needed!