WiiM Amp Pro

Class D owes its existence to competent chips from TI. That’s what got the price down without things sounding like crap.

The fact that audiophiles are even willing to review them is evidence that no ordinary person will ever hear a defect.
If this is a joke, I admit I don't get it. "Class G" is vendor specific jargon and really nothing new. Heck, the editorial hint "This section needs additional citations for verification." on Wikipedia dates back to June 2014. ;)
yeh it was meant to poke fun a little bit because as @Jls points out - we've come a LONG way with Class D in the past 2 decades.

arcam and PS audio are using class G in some of their amps these days. so it must be good, right? 😝
Does it make sense to sell my roksan attessa amp and wiim pro plus and buy wiim amp pro and a sub for my system? All this for not paying extra for a sub :D
Marantz's WiiM amp...🤔
Model M1.

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It seems to be a BTL full digital amplifier equipped with 4 amp chips jointly developed with Axign.

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For people interested in this competitor. Got one for testing and did that more or less the whole day. I did NOT compare It with a WiiM Amp. (Most of the regular readers wouldn't expect that anyway.) Was only asked my opinion about usability, what means mainly focus on the app.
Conclusion first: The Marantz M1 did not impress me at all.
Writing about look and feel. Look is always a matter of personal taste. Could be a WiiM device, similar shoe box or, more empathic, Apple style. Not my piece of cake anyway. But quite nice looks the mesh on the top and I can imagine its good for cooling. Haptic is fine, first impression is solid, as long as a 2,2kg device can be called so 😉
But for me this HEOS platform is pure pita. All WiiM users complaining about WHA should at least try HEOS and should fall on their knees and praise WiiM.
An opinion regarding the sound was not on my to-do list, this is my expectable private opinion. I prefer torque over speed. And my Plus & Class A/B combination filled the room clearly more effortless, more relaxed than the M1.
If and how the result will be when comparing the WiiM Amp and the M1 will certainly be done by the usual suspects on all the platforms 😉
And the final instance will have its say also 😂
Just a word to the marketing department: with everyone using standard chips for all the heavy lifting, apps will be the selling feature.

Apps, to included embedded services.
Is that a step up or down from “execrable”? ;)

Looks as if it hasn’t moved on from when I last used it before I got the WiiM Mini, and still no Qobuz support as far as I’m aware…
It met it exactly, Royal Ascot made me incredible empathic last two days, therefore I've chosen the friendly "pita". 😉 Thought this thread was the more appropriate one.