WiiM Ultra

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As mentioned in a user reply from the WiiM/Linkplay CEO on the WiiM Fan Page on Facebook, WiiM are developing a new device called the WiiM Ultra which will have a screen, aluminium case and USB audio output. It should be available Q2 2024, so a good five to six months away.

Guess @Smartplug is due a prize (e.g. I'll lay off gently ribbing them about their constant 'when' questions) as I think they first suggested that name a while ago ;):ROFLMAO:

That's the entirety of the information I have, but WiiM do say they'll release more details and images in due course.
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I mean these guys are amazing . They receive dacs for review they say great I recommend them because they measure transparent and at the same time essentially saying that the manufacturers that provided these dacs are frauds due to their claims of improved sound quality on the higher end models
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